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This is a review of the "Coco Sports Coconut K12 Orion TKL Keyboard" that we bought for under Rs.1500.

The keyboard came in a nice box. Inside it, there is the keyboard and the user manual only.

coco sports k12 keyboard box

Ten keyless (TKL) keyboards are in demand of-late since they save desk space by getting rid of the numpad. The advantage with TKL design is that they are more centred for the user compared to full-sized keyboards. Another advantage is that the mouse has more space to move around the desk because of the smaller keyboard footprint.

coco sports k12 keyboard tkl layout

This Mechanical keyboard has 87 keys with blue switches. Although the switch make is not mentioned on the box or the user manual, the information from the seller is that it has XIndia switches. There is no information about XIndia switches online. Visually, the switches surprisingly look exactly like Outemu switches, but, both the tactile feedback and the sound are different. Actually, it feels like the switch is right between the Blue Outemu Switch and Red Outemu Switch in terms of feedback.

coco sports k12 keyboard xindia blue switches

The double shot keycaps are of good quality. The backlight colours are neat and are much brighter than other mechanical keyboards in the similar price range.

coco sports k12 keyboard double shot keycaps

There are nine lighting modes which you can change by using the dedicated light key, the function button and the arrow keys. The backlit animation speed changes according to the gaming intensity.

coco sports k12 keyboard lighting modes

The keyboard comes with a 1.5m nylon braided cable.

coco sports k12 keyboard nylon braided cable

The USB connector is gold plated.

coco sports k12 keyboard gold plated usb connector

coco sports k12 keyboard weight

The keyboard has a brushed metal top and weighs 600 grams (not 795g as a seller description says) the keyboard has fold-out legs for height adjustability and is quite comfortable for long sessions.

coco sports k12 keyboard fold out legs for height adjustment

This keyboard has only 26 anti-ghosting keys compared to full anti-ghosting keyboards in the similar segment, the switches have a lifespan of 20 million keystrokes compared to the 50 million of Outemu Switches.

We don't know if the switches can be pulled out individually and replaced. Besides, XIndia Switches are unavailable online and compatibility with Outemu Switches is unknown. Since the switches have fixed LED colours, you cannot set the entire keyboard to light up in a single colour. Because they are not RGB switches, no software is provided along.

coco sports k12 keyboard rated power consumption

The description and the user manual says that the keyboard needs 100 milli-amps power to run, but it actually consumes 360 milli-amps. The keyboard consumes 20 milli-amps when the lights are off, but, who would want to run it without lights?

coco sports k12 keyboard tested power consumption with lights

coco sports k12 keyboard tested power consumption without lights

The missing important feature:

We could not get into the BIOS with this keyboard, we tried it on three different computers and it was the same result. It could also be that the USB's on our machines are powering up the keyboard only after the Operating System starts booting. We could enter the BIOS with ordinary USB keyboards though.

It's a nice keyboard in many ways. There are very few shortcomings, but which product does not have? You can buy it if it costs reasonably less than Ant Esports MK 1000 or Cosmic Byte firefly GBK 16 & 18.

You can buy the keyboard here:

Other worthy considerations:

Blue Switch (Cosmic Byte CB-GK-25)

Red Switch (Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26)


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